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COB ADDER — A groggy little boy looks up from his mother’s lap. The presence of American Soldiers in his room is certainly not expected. His face brightens a bit after he and his mother receive small bags of treats from the Americans.

Assisting residents increases trust in IA

BAGHDAD – Colorful bags emblazoned with cartoon characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Barbie sat in a small, beat-up metal trailer, reflecting the early morning sun; a colorful contrast to the sweat dripping from under the dusty helmets of Soldiers working nearby.

A new generation of emergency care

IRBIL – With the official opening of the state-of-the-art Irbil Emergency Hospital here, July 7, a new era in emergency medical care began in this Kurdish region of northern Iraq.

Chinook crews take on drawdown

BAGHDAD – Set to play a key-role in the reduction of U.S. forces in Iraq this summer, an all-in-one aviation unit from Fort Riley, Kan., arrived here in March; one of the U.S. Army’s last active-duty aviation battalions to deploy in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Soldiers see school project to fruition

TAL JAL – U.S. Soldiers recently helped culminate an eight-month reconstruction project here with a ribbon cutting ceremony officially opening the Bassa Girls Primary School in this small community near Kirkuk.

Iraqis lead own air assault training

COS GARRY OWEN – The 10th Iraqi Army Division Commando Battalion added another notch to its tally of mission capabilities after leading air assault training here recently.

Pilot leaves cockpit to aid drawdown

AL ASAD AIR BASE - Two-wheel landings on Afghan ridge tops are more exciting, but managing the exodus of a 4,000-strong brigade during the drawdown of U.S. forces in Iraq provides its own challenges for one helicopter pilot here with the 82nd Airborne Division.

Iraqis take lead on joint air assault

BAGHDAD – The U.S. Army's 1st Advise and Assist Brigade recently joined forces with Iraqi Commandos of the 7th Iraqi Army Division for an air assault operation in search of a possible IED production facility outside the town of Rawah.

Soldier recalls 4th of July awakening

FORT CARSON, Colo. – The Fourth of July is especially significant to Army Capt. Fred Babauta, as this Independence Day marks the fifth anniversary of his awakening from an 11-day coma following an improvised explosive device attack in Ramadi, Iraq.

Troops become US citizens on July 4

CAMP VICTORY – One hundred fifty-six service members from 56 different countries recited the Oath of Citizenship in the rotunda of Al Faw Palace here today, marking the U.S. Independence Day as the date they officially became American citizens.

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